Motorama Mayhem & Spring Fever is one of the most anticipated events of the season. Being the 6th annual event, this car show brings many different modified car owners/builders to the event and allows them to showcase builds not only across Canada, but many come for this event from the United States as well. We’ve talked about owners going down to the states, but we usually don’t see it vice versa. This is why this event for us is so iconic.

Being the origin of the event, we saw a lot of new & old muscle cars/rat rods, trucks and racecars. Being some of the cleanest rides across North America, we were able to see a little of everything. Enjoy some of the content from Motorama Mayhem:

Spring Fever for us was also much anticipated as it featured a lot of imports (We love imports). Being the first aftermarket car show of 2020, we got to see a lot of the builds from last year developing and adding mods to keep on growing there builds. We hope to see much more of these builds coming out of storage in the next couple of months. Enjoy some of the content from Spring Fever: